Mama cream

Mama cream

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Cream MAMA, synergy of innovative active ingredients that create a silky texture aimed to irrefutably improve the imperfections of mature skin with wrinkles, hypotonia and dehydration, ensuring an anti-aging action, botox and exceptional filler.

Content pack: 30 mlProduct code: D21

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Onopordum Acanthium

It has a tonic-stimulating and regenerating effect.


It has anti-aging, anti-smog, emollient properties


Botox effect.

Snail slime

It is recommended for acne-prone skin, to speed up the repair of the epidermis and reduce the formation of acne marks, to improve the discoloration and the aesthetic visibility of scars and like anti-wrinkles. The content of antioxidants is able to slow down the process of premature aging of the skin, minimizing the damage caused by free radicals. It hydrates, nourishes and keeps it young and supple.

Diamond peptides

The diamond is made of carbon, once the light radiation arrives, the electrons are excited, and the atoms discharge energy releasing a lot of light.


The syn-ake is a tri-peptide of synthetic origin, a new functional compound, similar to the compound present in the venom of the temple viper. Syn-ake acts on the most pronounced wrinkles with visible results in a short time, just like a treatment based on botulinum toxin.


Glycoproteins improve cell renewal and metabolism, favoring the production of fibroblasts.


Anti-stress, antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing and rich in bioflavonoids and polysaccharides.


Combats oxidative stress, uniforms and rejuvenates the skin's colour.


It is a purified extract, provides an instant pressing effect on the skin and acts in the long term, protecting cells from oxidative stress and stimulating the formation of collagen.


Beta-glucans is a linear glucose polysaccharide obtained by extraction from the wall of the yeast cell. Applied to the skin, in addition to moisturizing properties, it has a protective action against oxidative stress induced by UVA radiation and stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, which are important in tissue regeneration.

Evodia Rutaecarpa

It increases the brightness of the skin and makes the complexion more uniform. It stimulates the superficial blood microcirculation, guaranteeing the cells of the skin the oxygen and nutrients necessary for their growth and vitality. The skin is radiant and homogeneous.

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