Osmotic Scrub

Ideal product for a mechanical scrub, osmotic salt scrub. It contains Mango Butter and Coconut Oil, useful for reducing edema and excess water from the skin interstices. The scrub gently removes the first cells of the stratum corneum and it is rich in Vitamin C + E. The effect on the skin, after rinsing, is surprising: wow effect.

Content pack: 250 ml
Product code: Art PC12

Vitamin C/E
Their association strengthen the effects of both, like: • Antioxidant: counteracts oxidation processes and the formation of highly harmful substances. Their synergy is excellent, because Vitamin C, is antioxidant on the aqueous part of the cells, Vitamin E is antioxidant on the lipid part. • Vitamin E (and antioxidant substances) has an anti-wrinkle action, helps prevent the appearance of signs due to premature aging. Vitamin E has an important role in promoting the regenerative processes of tissues damaged by sunlight. It is also moisturizing, because Vitamin E creates a protective film on the skin, which limits the loss of water. It is a useful vitamin, also for young skin, to prevent oxidative processes. It reduces damage and promotes tissue repair.


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