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Soft and creamy body emulsion with a very delicate texture, formulated with AHA’s, PHA, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond, aloe vera and vitamin E. Aids cosmetic treatment of all skin types, making skin smoother, more toned and hydrated. It helps to improve firmness and elasticity, deep skin hydration for the body, leaving it feeling fresh, soft and delicately fragrant. Can also be used for ingrown hairs.

Content pack: 150 ml
Product code: DC02

Gluconolactone is a poly hydroxy acid. It has a strong long-term hygroscopic and hydrating effect due to the presence of many hydroxylating compounds. Applied to the skin, it encourages exfoliation and cell renewal through the process of keratinisation. It also has good antioxidant properties and acts to repair a damaged cutaneous barrier.

This is a fundamental component of the skin with hydrating, regenerating and anti-ageing effects. It preserves cell function and provides elasticity, flexibility and firmness.

Lactobionic acid is one of the most important of the new generation of alpha hydroxy acids, called poly hydroxy acids (PHAs). Lactobionic acid has strong cutaneous hydration properties and is one of the most hygroscopic chemical substances. It retains the moisture on the skin binding it robustly to what is added by the cosmetic product, creating a gel with a high degree of cutaneous hydration as well as protective and emollient effects. It has a significant antioxidant effect which is particularly useful in anti-ageing cosmetics and prevents skin ageing caused by exposure to the sun (photo-ageing) and reduces its damaging effects. As with other alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric and citric), lactobionic acid is effective in regulating the process of keratinisation, promoting cutaneous and cellular renewal and replacement while improving skin condition. It also has a lightening effect. It is not an irritant and can therefore be used on delicate skin.
Properties of Lactobionic acid:
• Hydrating effect
• Antioxidant
• Lightening
• Emollient and protective
• Anti-age
• Photo-ageing
• Promotes cutaneous and cellular renewal and replacement, can also be used on sensitive skin

These substances, whether natural or synthesised, are known as “fruit acids”. They are potent exfoliating agents which balance skin pH, stimulate the production of collagen and cell renewal and cutaneous micro-circulation. They also have important hydrating properties. They improve skin condition, providing improved luminosity and reducing skin blemishes.
AHA Properties:
• Stimulate cell renewal
• Increase skin elasticity
• Reduce the depth of wrinkles
• Help reduce the signs of ageing and skin imperfections
• Improve uniformity of skin colouration
• Encourage skin hydration
• Purify the skin (removing surplus sebum and dead skin cells).

Apply 1-2 times a day an adequate amount of product and massage gently until completely absorbed.


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