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Repair-skin strong

Repair-skin strong

Anti-age Concentrate

DCT Home face line

This anti-age concentrate aids the cosmetic treatment of the skin with a firming and nourishing effect. Thanks to its special formula, it can even be used around the eyes and lips. Ideal post-shave for men.

Content pack: 30 mlProduct code: D16

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This is a fresh gel extract of aloe leaves with a regenerative effect on skin tissue. It also acts as a screen against UV rays, increases micro-circulation and is an excellent anti-ageing agent. This is why it is considered an important natural remedy used in phytotherapy. It is applied as a thin layer over the entire face and gently massaged until absorbed.

  • Regenerative: stimulates an increase in epithelium in broken skin;
  • Proteolytic and healing: dissolves and absorbs dead or damaged cells enzymatically and stimulates the regeneration process;
  • Anti-inflammatory: supports and helps to overcome the inflammation process; provides relief for burns and stimulates skin renewal.
  • Antipyretic: provides relief from soreness due to burns and other irritations.
  • Humectant: hydrating and encourages water retention in skin tissue.

HYALURONIC ACID (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Hyaluronic acid is a component which is essential for skin elasticity and health which tend to diminish with age. Thanks to its properties, it gives the skin tone and softness, improves cell development and ensures the skin's natural density. Having a remarkable ability to retain water, it provides the skin with the correct level of hydration and encourages the physiological production of collagen.

  • (Italiano) • Rigenerante: stimola la crescita dell’epitelio sulle ferite
  • • Proteolitico e cicatrizzante: dissolve e assorbe enzimaticamente le cellule morte o danneggiate stimolando il processo rigenerativo
  • • Antinfiammatorio: accompagna e aiuta a superare il processo infiammatorio; dà sollievo alle scottature e stimola il rinnovamento della cute
  • • Antipiretico: dà sollievo al bruciore da scottature, irritazioni
  • • Umettante: è idratante e favorisce la ritenzione di acqua nei tessuti della pelle


Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 works perfectly as a communicator. In effect, it stimulates cells into producing collagen which keeps the skin firm and youthful. It is able to penetrate the epidermis as far as the dermis (the middle skin layer) where it starts communicating. The cells respond by producing more collagen and the growth of healthy tissue.


Vitamin E produces an anti-wrinkle effect which helps prevent the appearance of the signs of premature ageing. Vitamin E performs a vital role in the promotion of regenerative processes in tissue damaged by the sun's rays. Vitamin E on the skin creates a protective layer which limits moisture loss. It is the best vitamin to prevent the effects of the process of oxidisation, even in younger skin. Reduces damage and encourages tissue repair.


This biomimetic peptide inhibits metalloproteinases, the enzymes which break down collagen.


This is a carotene and therefore a provitamin A. It is used to reduce photo-sensitivity and inhibit the collateral effects of photo-ageing caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant known today. We now know that its protective effect against free radicals is easily 550 times stronger than tocopherol (vitamin E). Astaxanthin is produced from algae, bacteria and fungi. Synthetic astaxanthin should be avoided as it is a petroleum derivative.

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