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Spray anti-age high protection face-body SPF 30-50

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Emulsion with a light and delicate texture, made with an innovative and technological mixture of protective filters micro-encapsulated, and a rich selection of functional active principles. It allows the skin to breathe, avoiding the occlusive effect of the classics solar. Also suitable for sensitive skin, prevents irritation and allergic reactions. HYPOALLERGENIC AND PHOTOSTABLE PRODUCTS.

Vitamin A influences DNA transcription by stimulating the action of specific enzymes which aim to improve skin thickness, and also Vitamin A reduces the wrinkle depths . Furthermore the proliferation of keratinocytes will increase. Vitamin A also stimulates the increase in collagen production.

PANTHENOL (Vitamina B5)
Panthenol (Vitamin B5) prevents physiological alterations induced from prolonged sun exposure thanks to a strong emollient and soothing moisturizing action.

TYROSINE (Amminoacido)
Tyrosine (Amino acid) Stimulates the synthesis of melanin which is responsible for tanning and skin color.

Apply the product as needed with a light massage on the face and body; not greasy. Indicated for exposures to tanning lamps . In cases of hypersensitivity, discontinue to use.


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