Night Renewal +C

It is an exfoliating concentrate based on Mandelic Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Syn-ake (anti-age tripeptide) with a tensor and revitalizing effect. The main characteristic of mandelic acid is that, it acts as a keratolytic, without causing burning and redness, keeping its effectiveness unchanged. The molecule is particularly active in the “repair” and reactivation of the aged epidermis, as, it breaks the link between dead and damaged cells, present on the skin, and stimulates the cellular turnover which makes the skin more flexible, smooth and more uniform in tone. It has other properties that help fight acne and is very effective in its treatment. Furthermore, mandelic acid has remarkable lightening abilities, which make it suitable for treating skin spots. The mandelic acid molecules are much larger than those of glycolic acid and it is for this reason that mandelic acid is more tolerable by the skin, and more functional and effective for the same concentration.