Low PH gel emulsion, exfoliating, indicated to reduce the cells of the stratum corneum with chemical and enzymatic action. Thanks to Cyclodextrin, the skin will be toned.

Content pack: 250 ml
Product code: Art PC13

It is the smallest of the alpha-hydroxy acids. It is obtained from natural sources, such as fruit, beetroot and sugar cane. It comes in the form of a crystalline solid, odorless and colorless and soluble in water. Its reduced molecular weight favors its absorption in the stratum corneum. Its activity is linked to the ability to reduce the cohesive forces between the corneocytes, thanks to the direct action on the desmosomes. The exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis and the consequent increase in the cellular turn over speed, produce an increase of the activity of fibroplasts and the production of collagen and hexlastin.

It performs an exfoliating activity that allows to eliminate dead skin cells on the surface, leaving it smoother, fresher and brighter. The compounds act like alpha-hydroxy acids but are much more delicate for the skin, so much so that some enzymatic peels are used in dermatological clinics and professional beauty centers.

Cyclodextrins are sugars, and occur in cyclic form, and are obtained by breaking starch through an enzyme with a strange name (Cyclodextringlucosyltransferase), known as CGT. They can be considered as biotechnological products, like hyaluronic acid, as they are obtained with raw materials of totally vegetable origin. It has a tensing action on the skin, and will be more toned after rinsing.


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