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DFN Cream

PROTECTIVE SPF 50+ face and neck cream for all skin types, aids and protects after a Biostimulating Neoglis® treatment. Its particular formulation makes it suitable for cosmetic treatment of dyschromia of the skin (dark areas) and in cases of delicate, soft and sensitive skin. Full of chemical filters, prevents and counteracts photo-ageing of skin causated from UVA/UVB.

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Special single-dose intensive serum, which gives brightness and hydration to dull skin, against oxidative stress and wrinkles. Pure Vitamin C (25%) bioavailable in three different chemical forms, increases the production of collagen, stimulates the skin tissues, the signs of tired skin are reduced, the complexion is fresher and the skin will look younger. Thanks to the various molecular weights of the different hyaluronic acids, it hydrates all layers of the skin. Resvetratrol together with tocotrienols, acts as a powerful antioxidant, with a scavenger effect for oxygen and nitrogen radicals. Also excellent as a make-up base.

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