Super active and hyperemizing anti-cellulite cream (pack of 20 sachets)

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Super active and hyperemizing anti-cellulite cream *. The synergy of the active ingredients helps to find a perfect silhouette. Effective already after the first few days of application.

Content pack: 10 ml x 20
Product code: DC08A

It has a biochemical effect on fat mass, because it inhibits phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that degrades AMPc, cyclical adenosine monophosphate, stimulating fat loss.

Is an extract of vegetable origin, obtained from the seeds of the horse chestnut, very effective in the treatment of microcirculatory disorders. It works by increasing the resistance of capillaries, reducing inflammation and increasing their permeability.

Is an innovative active principle with dual action: 1) control of the formation of new mature adipocytes (new triglyceride formation) with consequent increase in adipose tissue. 2) it stimulates the activity of lipolysis by inhibiting Perilipina A which is an enzyme responsible for controlling our fat reserves.

Is a slimming oil obtained from pink pepper, with powerful lipolytic properties.

Is a patented molecule, of organic origin, used successfully in treatments against skin blemishes caused by cellulite*. It has the property of locally stimulating fat metabolism, attenuating the subcutaneous nodules and reducing the evidence of orange peel skin. * Cream indicated against the imperfections of cellulite.

Is a complex of patented multifunctional active ingredients, with slimming, remodeling and smoothing activities for the body. It accelerates the natural mechanism of subcutaneous fat reduction and makes the skin smoother and firmer. The ingredient contains natural substances such as Cysteic Acid, Caffeine, Guarana and L-carnitine.

It is an active ingredient known for a very long time, in nature we find it in various foods. In the treatment of localized adiposity in the cosmetic field, the use takes place by conveying in the localized adipose tissue and is able to solubilize fats by reducing the volume of the cells that contain them (ADIPOCYTES).

In the first two days, apply 2 sachets of Lipocomplex Cream (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, equal to 20 grams of product) in each areas where imperfection is evident. In the following days, apply 1 sachet a day of Lipocomplex Cream where the imperfection is highlighted. After applying the product, massage until absorbed. It is recommended to repeat the action from a minimum of 15-20 days up to a maximum of 2-3 months depending on the desired effect.

*Cream indicated against cellulite blemishes


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