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Nourishing anti-aging body cream

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NoAge is an innovative elixir for mature skin or which may have been damaged by atmospheric pollutants. It has a soft texture which is rapidly absorbed and is designed to reduce the effects of skin ageing and prevent tissue degeneration. Its formulation is ideal for dry and swollen skin which has lost its elasticity and has a rough and faded appearance.
Thanks to special tetrapeptides, it reactivates the skin’s natural elasticity and preserves moisture and softness. Includes Shea Butter for deep nourishment. The presence of AHA facilitates penetration by the active ingredients into the skin’s structure and aids their effectiveness, making skin visibly smoother and flawless.

Content pack: 200 ml
Product code: DC05

It has been clinically studied and verified that this ingredient blocks interleukins production (IL6), which are the chemical messengers that activate inflammation, the first step of aging

The name “mandelic” comes from the word “mandel” meaning almond. It belongs to the AHA category (alpha hydroxy acids) and is a prized ingredient used in the following cosmetic effects: • Lightening • Exfoliating • Decongestion • Anti-inflammation

Lactic acid is an organic acid belonging to the alpha hydroxy acid category, a substance able to break the bonds created between keratinocytes and encourages physiological cutaneous exfoliation. Lactic acid has cutaneous exfoliating, pH regulating and conditioning properties

Antioxidant with soothing effect.

Apply the cream morning and evening by gentle massaging all over the body, paying special care to areas that need more attention, until it has been completely absorbed.


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