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Face, neck and eye contour tinted cream

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It is an exfoliating concentrate based on Mandelic Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Syn-ake (anti-age tripeptide) with a tensor and revitalizing effect. The main characteristic of mandelic acid is that, it acts as a keratolytic, without causing burning and redness, keeping its effectiveness unchanged. The molecule is particularly active in the “repair” and reactivation of the aged epidermis, as, it breaks the link between dead and damaged cells, present on the skin, and stimulates the cellular turnover which makes the skin more flexible, smooth and more uniform in tone. It has other properties that help fight acne and is very effective in its treatment. Furthermore, mandelic acid has remarkable lightening abilities, which make it suitable for treating skin spots. The mandelic acid molecules are much larger than those of glycolic acid and it is for this reason that mandelic acid is more tolerable by the skin, and more functional and effective for the same concentration.

Content pack: 40 ml
Product code: D28

Photoaging protection with stabilizing photo agent (prevents discharge of the solar filters), spots and skin cancer prevention.

A pool of 5 cell growth factors that stimulates and promotes the production of keratinocytes and fibroplasts. This action, in synergy with vitamin b9 and acetyl glutamine, acts on cell rejuvenation. Bio-placenta is a powerful cosmetic active with rejuvenating action with significant re-healing capacities (promote the formation of new cell layers), Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and elasticizing. Faithfully reproduces the active composition of human placenta without original ingredients animal or petroleum. It is obtained by biofermentation and recombined bio-synthesis, 100% ecological, safe, stable and sustainable. Your activities are supported by in vivo and in vitro clinical tests.

Stimulates the production of type v collagen, works as an anti-wrinkle, refreshing and restructuring agent. Increases the synthesis of collagen, controls the uniformity of the diameter and spacing of fibrillation and inhibits enzymatic distribution.
It is a fundamental component of the skin, with a moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging action. Preserves cellular functionality by giving elasticity, softness and firmness.

The use of Vitamin A and its synthetic analogues has proved effective in the cosmetological and dermatological fields for:
– the treatment of keratinization disorders, such as hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis.
– the treatment of acne and related disorders.
– the prevention of skin aging and photoaging.

It is a stabilized and water-soluble formula of Vitamin C, it is enzymatically broken down on the skin, after which it releases active Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). It is an effective antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress, it also fights skin aging, favoring the formation of collagen and helps the melanin formation process and preventing hyperpigmentation and age spots.

They are microscopic spheres with medium diameter fixed at 400 nm, with filling action on wrinkles and prophotogenic action, erases the shadow of wrinkles limiting their marking in the photographs.

Apply a thin layer of product on the skin after having cleansed and dried it. Distribute evenly with a gentle massage. It is advisable to start the application with a small amount of product and then gradually increase the amount, to achieve the desired effect.

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  1. Lara

    Grazie per avermela fatta conoscere, non la lascio più!!!
    Siete fantastici, buona giornata

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