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Extra-delicate 24-hour protective cream

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Extra-delicate protective hydrating cream with lycopene, hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate), astaxanthin and hesperidin. Specifically for the treatment of delicate or sensitive skin affected by couperose with smoothing, softening, hydrating and toning effects. Useful also for skin affected by rosacea.
Over time it helps to improve the health of skin and encourages a reduction in broken capillaries.

Content pack: 50 ml
Product code: D14

A naturally-occurring molecule with a strong antioxidant effect. Lycopene is a carotenoid found mainly in vegetables and fruit such as red tomatoes, pink grapefruit, carrots and apricots.
Antioxidant effect (combats free radicals which over time can oxidise cells
Protective effect (in the case of prolonged exposure to UV rays, lycopene has a protective effect on the skin, reducing the risk of photo-ageing)
Carotenoid (main precursor of vitamin A)

Beta-glucan is a linear glucose polysaccharide obtained by extraction from the cell walls of yeast. Other than its hydrating properties, when applied to the skin it has a protective effect against the oxidising effects of stress due to UVA radiation and stimulates fibroblast proliferation, important for tissue regeneration.

Betaine is an amino acid widely found in nature. It is produced as a by-product of sugar beet production. At neutral pH, it takes the form of an inner salt. It is a solid white material whose main characteristic is that it is highly soluble in water. In solution it is able to arrange water molecules with the resulting formation of very strong hydrogen bonds and is therefore an excellent ingredient with humectant and hydrating effects. It also has a restorative and protective effect against mucous.

This is a carotene and therefore a provitamin A. It is used to reduce photo-sensitivity and inhibit the collateral effects of photo-ageing caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant known today. We now know that its protective effect against free radicals is easily 550 times stronger than tocopherol (vitamin E). Astaxanthin is produced from algae, bacteria and fungi. Synthetic astaxanthin should be avoided as it is a petroleum derivative.

Apply morning and evening on the skin of the face, eye area, neck and decoltè with light massage until absorbed. Not greasy and can be an excellent base for make up. In cases of hypersensitivity, discontinue use.


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