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An effective response which provides the skin with a means of operating at full capacity all day long, protected from the factors which cause ageing. With strong rejuvenating, sebum stabilising and purifying effects, it also aids in the treatment of dyschromia and any skin prone to acne, dilated pores and blackheads. A careful mix of substances which maintain an optimal level of hydration. Day after day, the epidermis returns to being firm, smooth and glowing.

Content pack: 50 ml
Product code: D12

This is a natural substance, effective against various skin imperfections:
• Reduces pigmentation and effective on very dark skin, affected by melasma or marks left by acne
• Combats free radicals
• Easily tolerated by the skin

A substance noted for its strong lightening ability:
• Depigmentation effect
• Regulates the production of melanin (primarily used in the treatment of melasma or chloasma, liver spots, sun spots and dark circles)
• Antioxidant and anti-fungal effect

The name “mandelic” comes from the word “mandel” meaning almond. It belongs to the AHA category (alpha hydroxy acids) and is a prized ingredient used in the following cosmetic effects:
• Lightening
• Exfoliating
• Decongestion
• Anti-inflammation

VITAMIN PP (Niacinamide)
This is used in various pathologies such as acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, rosacea, atopic and contact dermatitis, hyperpigmentation and anti-ageing formulations. Its properties are used to improve the skin’s natural barrier:
• Accelerates cell division
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Antioxidant effect
• Improves hydration
• Stimulates ceramide production
• Improves dermoepidermal function

Antioxidant: counteracts oxidisation processes and therefore the production of highly damaging substances. Vitamin C produces antioxidant effects in the aqueous structure of cells. Anti-wrinkle: Vitamin C is used to combat wrinkles, not only because of its antioxidant properties, but it is also essential in the production of collagen in the skin. Provides a visible increase in skin consistency.


In the evening, after carefully cleaning the skin (with Neoglis detergent) to apply a dose of the product with a light massage on the face, neck and decoltè, carefully avoiding the eye area.


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