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Face lightening cream formulated with peculiary active ingredients, carefully selected, which help to contrast skin hyperpigmentation, as well as fighting dark spots. The cause of this blemish is the excess of melanin caused by external agents such as exposure to the sun, smoke, smog and skin aging.

Content pack: 15 ml
Product code: D27

Natural amino acid derivative with lightening properties, which also works as a balm for the skin as well as a regularizer of ph skin. Creatinine inhibits the activity of thyrosinasis in melanocytes. It is recommended to use to fade out and improve the uniformity and tone of the skin.

Is a multi-functional active ingredient with strong cosmeceutical properties anti-aging, lightening and rebalancing. Helps uniform pigmentation, perfect the pores and improve the elasticity and resilience of the skin, giving a feeling of hydration. Reactivates microcirculation processes to improve the appearance of the skin.

Is a vegetable extract of the wu-zhu-yu plant. Stimulates skin microcirculation, gives brightness to the skin and the color becomes less dull and more homogeneous.

Stable form of vitamin c, which protects the skin and improves its appearance, contrasting skin aging and promoting the production of collagen. Sodium ascorbil phosphate is enzymatically breaked down on the skin and releases active vitamin c acting biochemically on the melanogenesis process preventing hyperpigmentation and aging keratosis.

Apply in the morning and evening on the skin of the face, neck and decollete, gently massaging until complete absorption. The correct application contributes to improve the appearance of the skin, making the face more bright with a rose, tonic and hydrated tone.


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